Mela Atkinson (fireincarnation) wrote in ratties,

Onion Toxicity in Rats

My partner, Shana does not want to feed onion bagels to rats because she heard onions are toxic to dogs (with poisoning occurring in quantities larger than a cup.) I can't seem to find any information on their effects on rats. If rats do experience toxicity at a similar comparable level to dogs, a small bite of onion bagel should not be harmful. BUT I have no evidence that their toxicity is similar, OR that they are even toxic to rats. So what I'm hoping for is:

A good website that lists toxic substances to rats, ALONG WITH the lethal dose and safe dose. A scientific website would be ideal.
or failing to find that,
A list of toxic substances
or failing to find that,
Anecdotal evidence from people who've fed onions and onion-containing food to their rats.
Tags: convincing parents/roommates/etc., diet, random facts & information
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