Ada (magenter) wrote in ratties,

Okay... so.
'Nother abandoned animal emergency.
Friend of mine ended up with a box of rats that had been abandoned at a pet store (to make a long story short)... she knows nothing about rats, can't even stand to touch them, so she called me.
I got the females separated from the males (I think) so that's a start. But here's the real thing I need immediate advice on:
One of the rats has a newborn litter with her, and two of the other rats are pregnant. (The pregnant ones are hairless; the one with the litter is not, though the father may have been, if this makes any difference.)
I believe there's a no-kill shelter where I can take the rats this week, but in the meantime, those two girls look like they're about to pop, and I want to be ready to deal with this if anything happens.
I'm a relatively inexperienced rat owner... I've had my two boys for about eight months now... I've never dealt with anything like this. I'm looking up some info online, but is there anything I should be doing _right now_? The boys and girls are in separate cages, and the mother & litter are in a separate bucket.

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