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EDIT-- For anyone who hasn't read this yet and wants to chastise me so'more, if you wanna, you can read my responses to everybody else's comments. I really do understand everybody's concern, where people are coming from about obligations and commitments; I understand the reactions based on the language I used in this post. I won't be posting here anymore. It is clear to me that I am unable to express myself that well when it comes to this stuff, and I get dug into it, and it sucks, and it makes a mess, and then I feel like you-know-what and start questioning my right to live. I know this might be construed as "drama" (for which I'm sorry) but I figured this thing couldn't really get any worse (and I'm totally not gonna make a "goodbye post" like I'm that important, lol). If you still are curious about my thought processes or about my ratties, you're welcome to read my personal lj. Thanks for caring so much about my furkids, and all the best to you and yours.

Remember Ginger, the pretty little cinnamon-y girl at my Petco store? Well, we were sending all our female rats to other stores, because apparently people prefer to feed their snakes males (this is what my co-worker told me is the reason why we're only gonna sell boys now--disturbing, I know). You can guess what happened. I've got Ginger set up in the old hamster cage; it's enough room for her for now as she's very small. Milo seems to have fallen for her, and so I'm planning to spay her and let her be Milo's platonic girlfriend. Jack and Zed have been impossible for me (it's such a struggle to even get them out of their cage, and I don't have enough time to devote to them so we're not making any progress), and I've decided to try and find them a better home. I put up an ad on goosemoose and I'll put a separate one here, and I'll go to petfinder and maybe craigslist if I don't find anyone soon. There are issues of course. Ginger definitely can't live in Milo's giant cage with the wide bar-spacing, so I'm gonna need another one. Grrrrr. Pictures of Ginger soon, maybe tomorrow!

Milo won't stop the bar-chewing. I don't know if I want to get bitter apple spray. I tried vinegar and it didn't even slow him down. Now with Ginger around he watches her and chews on the bars as if to say, "Let me out! You must let me go to her!"

In other Milo news, he finally let me clip his nails the other day. Yay!

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