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The Ratties Community

We fancy rats!

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Rat Fanciers
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The #1 pet rat related community on Livejournal!


Welcome to ratties, your one stop shop for anything pet rat related, be it pictures, art, stories, or questions. Please give the rules a reading over before joining. You may also choose to fill out a little survey to introduce yourself.

Name you go by:
How many rats you have?:
Pictures of your ratties:

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AIM: Darksong17
Email: Darksong17@gmail.com

AIM: xoxselkiexox
Email: ratties@shinypie.com


Rules & Posting Guidelines

  • This is a PET rat community. Feeder breeders and posts related to feeder rats/mice are not allowed in here. If you have a question related to feeder rats/mice, please post it to herpers, or to feeder_breeders. If you breed your animals as food for other animals, then this community is not for you.

  • Membership to the community is moderated. If you are interested in becoming a member please click the join link up at the top of this page, and simply wait. Your request will be sent to the moderators and it will be accepted or rejected usually within less than 24 hours by one of us. If your journal is brand new, has not been updated in a very, very long time, or has no entries whatsoever, your membership will be denied. This rule is in place to keep out the trolls, spammers, and other undesirable troublemakers that have no place in this community. If you have been rejected, please send the moderators a note (including your user name) regarding the matter.

  • Ask questions, do not assume. Personal attacks/flaming will NOT be tolerated in either posts or comments made within this community. These have no place in a rat-oriented community. Respect others' opinions, methods, and ethics. If there is a disagreement, then it should be approached with maturity and respect. When doubting another's motives, ask, never assume! This is a community in which discussion of proper rat care is encouraged. Advice or warnings about potential hazards are welcome, flaming is not allowed here. If you have a genuine problem with another member, contact the community moderators and if the they agree that a reprimand is warranted, it will be issued in a timely matter. Attacks will not be tolerated in this community. We reserve the right to kick you out if you're caught being a jerk or stirring up drama.

  • Please do not screen, delete, or disable comments to your posts. If you are caught doing this then your post will be deleted. You may re-post, but comments must be enabled next time around. Only the mods are allowed to screen/disable/delete comments. Members are not.

  • Rat related advertisements are more than welcome provided they are under a cut if they are large or lengthy. Advertisements must only be directly related to rats or other topics concerning rats as pets. Please do not post request money from the community. In order to prevent fraud we do not allow the request of personal funds.

  • Keep it covered. Rat related discussions, questions, stories, and pictures are highly welcome and encouraged here! If you feel that others may find your story or picture upsetting, or your post is too lengthy, pictures are too big, please use the lj-cut tag.

  • Have a rat-related question? Everything you've wanted to know but were afraid to ask, for fear of losing your Alpha status can be found within The Pet Rat Informational Packet by darksong17.

  • Looking for advice on responsible breeding? There is an LJ community for info, and resources for breeders, and advice for those interesting in responsible breeding. rat_breeders.

  • Need some help joining or posting? If you have questions concerning how to join or post in the community, please read the LiveJournal Communities FAQ. For community concerns, questions, or issues contact mod xianghua or darksong17.

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    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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